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iSync failure

Q. I've been syncing my Symbian smartphone happily to my Mac for over a month, yet all of a sudden the iSync has started failing, with error: “[Nokia N97 mini] Connection to the phone failed. Please make sure that your phone is turned on.” I'm tech savvy and have tried power cycling both phone and Mac. What's next?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications at 9:41 UTC, Aug 25th || 4 Comments

Backing up everything?

Q. How can I back up everything on my Symbian smartphone? Not just data, but every application, every license key, and so on?

# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Upgrading at 9:18 UTC, Aug 25th || 2 Comments

Beware the Trash effect!

Q. In an attempt to work out why my microSD card was full, I connected my smartphone to my Mac in 'Disk Transfer' mode. Aha - I found a load (Gigabytes!) of old music files from when I used to sync my phone with a Windows PC. I then deleted the root directory containing all these files and.... it seems that the disk is still full! Obviously, there's something going wrong in the counting, but what, and how do I fix it?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting at 16:08 UTC, Aug 23rd || 0 Comments

Activating the Keylock on the W950

Q. How do I actiate the keylock on the W950 without using the pointer and going through the menus?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 10:55 UTC, Feb 19th

Jump Back to the Home Screen on the W950

Q. Is there a quick way to get back to the opening screen on the W950?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 10:38 UTC, Feb 19th

Music Transfer on W950

Q. What other ways are there of putting music onto the W950?
# Posted by Ewan in Applications at 9:57 UTC, Feb 19th

Sony Ericsson Update Service problems

Q. I have a Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 smartphone and am having trouble updating its firmware. I've downloaded the required Sony Ericsson Update wizard but it doesn't want to talk to my smartphone. A support line advised me to 'disable my firewall' but I don't want to do that. Help!
# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Miscellaneous, Communications, Upgrading at 13:00 UTC, Jan 23rd || 0 Comments

Turning off 3G

Q. How do I turn off 3G functionality in my UIQ 3 device? I'm sure all the searching for a 3G signal is hammering my battery life!
# Posted by Steve in Performance, Miscellaneous at 10:47 UTC, Oct 10th || 2 Comments

Finding out firmware version

Q. How can I tell which firmware version my Sony Ericsson P990i has?
# Posted by Steve in Upgrading at 10:43 UTC, Oct 10th || 0 Comments

How much RAM is free?

Q. How can I tell how much RAM is free on my Sony Ericsson P990i?
# Posted by Steve in Performance at 10:17 UTC, Oct 10th || 0 Comments

Browsing the contents of another phone via Bluetooth

Q. Is it possible to browse the contents of another phone via Bluetooth? My old Samsung could do this. Once paired you would also have the option to browse the files of the phone (images, video and audio).
# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Communications at 7:44 UTC, Jul 7th || 5 Comments

Do I need a firewall?

Q. On my PC I have the ZoneAlarm firewall loaded all the time, to protect myself against Internet-borne nasties. Do I need to do something similar for my smartphone?
# Posted by Steve in Applications, Performance, Miscellaneous at 13:30 UTC, May 5th || 0 Comments

Last ditch cures for battery charging/power on problems

Q. My new Nokia smartphone has turned off by itself. I thought it was the battery and I tried to charge it but the phone didn't show any sign that it was plugged in. I tried to turn it on again but it only showed a white screen and after 2 sec turned off again. Will flashing it to the latest firmware help to solve the problem?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting at 9:26 UTC, Feb 1st || 0 Comments


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