Sony Ericsson Update Service problems

Published by Steve Litchfield at 13:00 UTC, January 23rd 2007


Q. I have a Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 smartphone and am having trouble updating its firmware. I've downloaded the required Sony Ericsson Update wizard but it doesn't want to talk to my smartphone. A support line advised me to 'disable my firewall' but I don't want to do that. Help!


A. You're absolutely right, in that keeping your PC online without a firewall is sheer madness and you'd be vulnerable within minutes to Internet-borne 'worms'. The only exception to this might be if you know your Internet router has a firewall built-in, in which case a software firewall is redundant anyway.

Try working through the following:

  1. First of all, perform a factory reset (see 'Control panel' on your device) and then power it down completely, removing the battery for a couple of minutes. This makes sure that there's no extra software or electronic corruption that could be causing the problem.

  2. If you're using a third party PC firewall, enable the built-in Windows one and then disable the former, which is probably restricting data traffic more severely.

  3. Place your original Sony Ericsson CD into the CD/DVD drive, in case extra drivers are needed.

  4. Fully charge your device and then disconnect the charger.

  5. Plug your smartphone into a genuine USB port, not one on a USB hub or adapter.

  6. Download the latest SEUS utility from, along with a newer version of Java, if needed.

  7. Start SEUS and wait. Sony Ericsson's update service is fairly slow at the best of times and the Java-hosted utility is also slow. Step through the instructions, leaving plenty of time for each action and don't get impatient.

  8. If you get any “Device not recognised” errors, just ignore them, it's only Windows being picky.

If you still have problems, it's worth trying later, at a less busy time of day, as the SEUS system can get overloaded.


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