Last ditch cures for battery charging/power on problems

Published by Steve Litchfield at 9:26 UTC, February 1st 2006


Q. My new Nokia smartphone has turned off by itself. I thought it was the battery and I tried to charge it but the phone didn't show any sign that it was plugged in. I tried to turn it on again but it only showed a white screen and after 2 sec turned off again. Will flashing it to the latest firmware help to solve the problem?


A. The smartphone is turning itself off because, in its opinion, the battery doesn't have enough power left to support it. The fact that there's no animated charging icon when plugged in is a bad sign; this should appear even with the phone nominally turned off. The problem may be as simple as your charger being faulty, beg or borrow another one from a Nokia-owning friend (the chargers are nearly all identical) and try again. If this still doesn't work, try removing the battery completely for a minute or two (to reset all the electronics) and then try charging again. As a last resort try changing the battery as well, in case this has failed catastrophically. If you still haven't got anywhere (very unlikely), your smartphone hardware is itself faulty and you need to head for your nearest service centre.


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