Music Transfer on W950

Published by Ewan Spence at 9:57 UTC, February 19th 2007


Q. What other ways are there of putting music onto the W950?


A. Windows users can of course use the bundled Disc2Phone application that came with the W950, but Linux and Mac users, along with Windows users looking for a bit more flexibility can use the W950 in USB Mass Storage mode (fast transfer) to move over the MP3 files to your phone. Connect the USB cable, and in your file manager browse to the device, go into extrnal storage device (probably named 'music') and into the fodler marked 'Music.' You don't need to have any structure - the Music Player picks up anything in this directory or the sub directories.

Once copied over, go into the music application, go into My Music, select More and choose Update Music for the new files to be indexed.


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