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Why is the size of the firmware update different?

Q. Why is the size of the firmware update through the phone itself (Over The Air) around  a few MB (at most), while Ovi Suite says the update is well over 100MB?

# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Upgrading at 9:52 UTC, Aug 25th || 5 Comments

iSync failure

Q. I've been syncing my Symbian smartphone happily to my Mac for over a month, yet all of a sudden the iSync has started failing, with error: “[Nokia N97 mini] Connection to the phone failed. Please make sure that your phone is turned on.” I'm tech savvy and have tried power cycling both phone and Mac. What's next?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting, Communications at 9:41 UTC, Aug 25th || 3 Comments

Greyed out download in Ovi Store

Q. Nokia's Ovi Store application seems to have got itself confused, it's showing the 'Download' buttons for some freeware applications (that I'd tried in the past) greyed out – so I'm unable to try them again.

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Upgrading at 9:34 UTC, Aug 25th || 0 Comments

Backing up everything?

Q. How can I back up everything on my Symbian smartphone? Not just data, but every application, every license key, and so on?

# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous, Upgrading at 9:18 UTC, Aug 25th || 1 Comment

Behind slow GPS locks

Q. I'm pretty sure that Assisted GPS is set up properly, and yet my Nokia still sometimes takes up to ten minutes to get a GPS satellite lock. Is it faulty?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Troubleshooting, Communications at 8:30 UTC, Aug 25th || 0 Comments

Kilometres to Miles

Q. I'm generally quite happy with Ovi Maps on my new Nokia N97 mini – I downloaded the new v3.0 and it's proved superbly reliable. But I'm not happy with all the distances being in metric. I know Finland wouldn't know their inches from their miles, but is there any hope?

# Posted by Steve in Applications, Miscellaneous at 8:28 UTC, Aug 25th || 0 Comments

Why do I still need a mains charger?

Q. With my new Nokia N85 now using USB charging, why do I still need a mains charger? This phone came with both!

# Posted by Steve in Miscellaneous at 8:07 UTC, Aug 25th || 2 Comments

Beware the Trash effect!

Q. In an attempt to work out why my microSD card was full, I connected my smartphone to my Mac in 'Disk Transfer' mode. Aha - I found a load (Gigabytes!) of old music files from when I used to sync my phone with a Windows PC. I then deleted the root directory containing all these files and.... it seems that the disk is still full! Obviously, there's something going wrong in the counting, but what, and how do I fix it?

# Posted by Steve in Troubleshooting at 16:08 UTC, Aug 23rd || 0 Comments

Copy and Paste URLs in Web

Q. I need to copy web addresses that I discover and paste them into a Content Management System (CMS) for my blog. Can this be done in Symbian Web?

# Posted by Steve in Applications at 15:42 UTC, Aug 23rd || 0 Comments


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