Video: Nokia N8 hands-on and first thoughts

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Steve and I were in London yesterday to get our first full hands-on with the Nokia N8, the company's first Symbian^3 phone. We'll be bringing you a range of coverage, including our detailed first impressions and some extra analysis, but to kick things off we have a 'first-look' hands-on video. The video offers a quick look through many of the key applications, demonstrating the single tap interaction model and other Symbian^3 UX changes. It is also an opportunity to get a feel for the responsiveness and performance of the device, although it is important to note that the N8 is still running pre-production software.

Hands-on with the Nokia N8

This video is also available in HD resolution.

What's in the video:

[0:00] Introduction and tour around the N8's external hardware
[1:30] Homescreen and multi-tasking
[1:40] Photos application and demo of multi-touch pinch to zoom
[2:21] Photos application and demo of long tap for context sensitive command menu
[2:45] Ovi Maps application
[3:19] Music player application and demo of cover-flow like album art visualisation
[4:00] Camera application
[4:29] Homescreen multi-page and customisation demo
[4:50] Nokia Messaging and demo of HTML email and multi-touch zoom
[5:29] WebTV
[6:10] Video player (Tron trailer)
[6:59] Other applications 
[7:30] Concluding thoughts

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