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With Windows Phone (8.1 and W10M) news and software now almost at a standstill, you'll have noticed that a lot of AAWP content has involved comparisons and recommendations from the wider mobile world. So, going forwards, we've expanded the 'All About' sites to include All About Mobile. As the name suggests, it covers features about all mobile platforms of interest. All content is tagged and we'll make sure that it appears on each relevant site in the family. Which is partly why AAM (hey, a new acronym) launches with up to three years of relevant content! Do please be gentle with us in the comments, since there are a few minor quirks and rough edges that are still being ironed out.

In addition to an extra site name and URL, it's worth also noting that All About Mobile is fully 'https', i.e. secure, and will show a padlock in all browsers. This has been a frustration for many for AAWP and AAS (All About Windows Phone and All About Symbian) over the last few years. Now, strictly speaking, there's no real need for encryption or security since the site doesn't store any user data, but the padlock is now such a reassuring sight to readers (and the lack of one, with browser warnings, an unnerving sight) that 'https' was definitely the way to go.

In one sense, little will change, since the widening of platform coverage on AAWP had meant growing amounts of content on iOS and Android, in particular. But with All About Mobile now live, we can (if we wish) create features and reviews that have nothing to do with Symbian or Windows Phone.

Of course, we'll try and keep content as relevant as possible to as wide a readership as possible - if your main interest is still Windows 10 Mobile, for example, then carry on reading AAWP as usual - you won't miss a thing and you'll get a few cross-platform stories as well. But if you're now using another platform and only hanging onto AAWP because you like the content or because you have a Lumia (in a drawer) then now is a good time to switch your bookmarks to All About Mobile (i.e. - you'll still get a flavour or Windows-related content every now and then, when there's platform overlap, but you'll mainly get iOS and ecosystem/handset coverage. It's up to you.

Note that the arrival of AAM doesn't mean the end of AAWP - anything that comes along which is 100% Windows-only will still get filed exclusively on AAWP. Heck, look at AAS, which still exists in 2021 - the sites are on the same server and working on the same databases, so in theory they can co-exist and share (or not) happily.

Thankfully, not only is the last three years of (relevant) content already tagged for AAM, but the comment engine we use (Disqus) works across both AAWP and AAM, so you can still hopefully who's said what about each topic.

As ever, the concept behind the All About sites is to have long form features, comment and reviews published throughout the month, with short 'Flow' stories making sure that you don't miss any really interesting snippets from around the web. The All About sites have never been about leaks or speculation, or about trying to be a definitive tech news source. Instead, I/we aim for the de facto site motto:

'Interesting, Insightful, and Informed'

There's also a brand new Twitter account @AA_Mobile, which is worth following, to make sure you don't miss a new story. Plus a RSS news feed for AAM, should you use a news feed reader (e.g. Feedly). Again, do note that there's some tweaking still going on behind the scenes, so don't expect everything to work from day one!

We've featured several guest authors over the years and would welcome others - if you have something to say that's relevant then please do drop Steve a line at - and see your name in lights!

And yes, Rafe promises to put finger to keyboard again, when he gets time from a high flying day job. Thanks enormously to all his hard work behind the scenes, adapting and coding as needed to get the new site online.

Steve Litchfield and Rafe Blandford, 10 May 2021

Steve LitchfieldRafe Blandford

PS. No, there's not a dedicated application for the site. At least not yet. But it's all very low bandwidth (apart from the camera comparisons) and resizes to suit all mobile browsers...