Nokia E75 Review - Part 3: The Consumer's Viewpoint

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It may be named an enterprise device, but Nokia's E75 could easily measure up as a consumer device on the High Street, couldn't it? Ewan takes a look at the slider form factor device from the point of view of the regular man in the street. See also the rest of our full Nokia E75 review: Nokia E75 - Part 1: General Design and Hardware (Rafe) and Nokia E75 - Part 2: Camera and Multimedia (Steve)

"Nokia's recent enterprise device, the E75, may well be targeted at the mid-level office workers of the world, but what happens when it's handed to the man in the street? Well, he should be pretty happy, as this is a really good all-round smartphone for day to day use, in addition to the enterprise features.

I'm pretty sure that the design remit for the device did have this group included, at least as a secondary consideration – the choice of colours for the E75 (coming in silver and black, red or copper yellow) hints at this dual nature."

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