The first 10 applications on your phone?

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What are the first 10 applications you install on your phone? That's the question that was poised, and answered, by Mark Guim of the Nokia Blog. Also weighing in with responses were a number of other S60 Bloggers: Vaibhav Sharma of the the Symbian Blog, Steve Rowlands at S60 Blogger, Gerrymoth at Nokia Addict, Zack Epstein at Symbian-in-Motion and Stefan Constantinescu at IntoMobile. Read on for a summary of the applications mentioned and their popularity.

I've compiled a table that lists all the applications mentioned in the above blog posts, or in the comments attached to those blog posts. Amongst these you'll no doubt find some of the best S60 applications available.

There are a few notable points to be made:

  • Many of these application are free. This is not surprising when sorting by popularity. However the most popular application is the commercial Handy Taskman from Epocware.

  • Some of the application could be considered client applications for online services (Shozu, Share Online)

  • Big Internet brands (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, YouTube) all make appearances, mainly as client application for thier services.

  • A number of these application make use of the GPS, perhaps suggesting a strong future location trend. Similarly many are focused on communication (messaging, IM and VoIP) suggesting communication is still at the core of phone usage.

  • These out the choices of bloggers and their commenters, or, in other words, those who are participating in social media as creators or commenters. This will skew the results compared to the majority of users, but as they are edge / power user this may suggest future general usage patterns. Also the total numbers contributing are too small for there to be any statistical rigour.

Let us know what your favourite applications are in the comment thread (or if we missed you out on the list of bloggers).

Here's a break down of the applications by popularity:

Application Name
Mentions Description
Handy Taskman 10 Replacement task manager and application switcher
Gmail 9 Google Mail client
Opera Mini 9 Proxy based browser from Opera
Screenshot 6 Capture screenshots on your phone
Calcium  4 Simple to use calculator
Google Maps 4 Client to access Google Maps
Share Online 3.0 4 Share and send media to online websites
LCG X-plore 3 File manager
Shozu 3 Share and send media to online websites
Walking Hotspot 3 Turn your phone into a Wifi hotspot
BT Switch 2 Switch Bluetooth on and off from the Active Idle screen
Flixwagon 2 Stream video from your phone to the web
Fring 2 Access multiple IM networks and VoIP functions
Handy Calendar 2 Calendar replacement with more views and user configuration
Joikuspot Light 2 Turn your phone into a Wifi hotspot
Mobitubia 2 YouTube client application
Nokia Internet Radio 2 Listen to Shoutcast audio streams on your phone
Nokia Maps 2 Mapping and GPS navigation
Nokia Sports Tracker 3 Record routes using GPS
Qik 2 Stream video from your phone to the web
SkyeQuiKey 2 Smart dialing program, access applications and more
TomTom Mobile 2 Mapping and GPS navigation
Viewranger 2 Off road mapping and GPS navigation
Y-Browser 2 File manager
Best Profiles 1 Profile Management
Bible Reader 1 Bible Reader
cClock 1 Large clock screen saver
Salling Clicker 1 Control your PC from your phone
Nokia Conversation 1 Threaded SMS client
CorePlayer 1 Multimedia player
CryptoGraf Messaging 1 Encrypted SMS messages
Device Status 1 Device information and status
Geocache Navigator 1 Geocache GPS navigation client
Gizmo VoIP 1 VoIP and IM client for Gizmo
Google Search 1 Access Google Search form the Idle screen
GooSync 1 Sync your phone with Google services
Handy Clock 1 Clock replacement with multi city and alarm functions
Jaiku 1 Microblogging client
KJV Go Bible 1 Bible Reader
Metro 1 Public transport planning 
Mobipocket 1 eBook Reader
Mr Lock 1 Auto key lock
MSDict 1 Dictionary client
Nimbuzz 1 Access multiple IM networks and VoIP functions
OfficeSuite 1 Edit Word and Excel files
Palringo 1 Access multiple IM networks and VoIP functions
RoadSync 1 Sync with Microsoft Exchange server
Scribe 1 XML-RPC blogging client
SEVEN 1 Push email 
Shazam ID 1 Music identification client
Sky Anytime 1 Access Sky box while mobile
Slick 1 Access multiple IM networks
SlingPlayer Mobile 1 View home TV from your phone
SlovoEd 1 Dictionary client
Smartmovie 1 Multimedia player
SMS Scheduler 1 Send scheduled messages
Solution Calculator 1 Advanced calculator
Truphone 1 VoIP client
Vizimo 1 Media discovery
Windows Live 1 Microsoft Live client
Worldmate 1 Travelling utility suit
Yahoo Go 1 Yahoo services client