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'Comes with Music' in the Real World


Ewan Spence trials the official Orange Nokia 5800 'Comes with Music' package - how well does CwM work, what exactly is included and what are the gotchas? From missing tracks to catalogue inconsistencies to DRM frustrations, it's clear that CwM has a long way to go, but Ewan still reckons that Nokia deserve credit for getting this far and that the mass market will enjoy the experience.

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The perfect mobile Impossibility? Or are we close?


After ditching the notion that a perfect mobile phone can exist and lugging around a slew of devices, can the new N97 finally convince guest writer Justin Berkovi that the perfect phone DOES exist? In light of the Palm ‘Pre’ and new iPhone 3GS how does the N97, in his opinion, match up?

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NAVTEQ at CommunicAsia


The annual CommunicAsia show run next week from 16 to 19 June. NAVTEQ will be attending for its second year. In this article NAVTEQ shares details of its activities at the show.

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Living with an Orange i8910 - the first week


The Samsung i8910 has been released in the UK exclusively on the Orange network; they're still not available SIM free... so, I've bitten the bullet and bought an Orange-branded i8910. Below are my first impressions of using the phone and the trials and tribulations of living with it exclusively for a week.

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The Quest for the Perfect Form Factor


Steve Litchfield explores the notion that there's one perfect form factor 'to rule them all'. A form that could suit everyone. And he has an answer, though don't hold your breath if you think you might see other form factors fading away anytime soon....

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How To : Set up an Email Account Inside Nokia Messaging


We have shown you how to get the Nokia Messaging client into your S60 smartphone and also how to manage IMAP folders inside Nokia Messaging. This time, we will look at the the email setup process. This guide applies for all Nokia Messaging users who are not using the E75 (at the moment) because this  (and soon, E55 and E52) has a different (newer) version of Nokia Messaging.

This tutorial is using Nokia Messaging for S60 5th Edition on the Nokia 5800. Everything is the same for S60 3rd Edition, FP1 and FP2, only the screenshots shown here are different. There's also another way, by logging in to to set up emails to be used in Nokia Messaging, but that's for another writeup :-)

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