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How To Get Nokia Messaging Officially


This is part of a series where I will bring you a rundown of Nokia Messaging. It is the new application for managing emails on Nokia's S60 smartphones, which brings a massive improvements over the built-in S60 Messaging client. 

Nokia Messaging was officially announced by Nokia in December 2008 and many users were quite sceptical to see another service offered by Nokia. However, for many other users, especially those who have been waiting for a proper and powerful native S60 Email client, the news was happily accepted. However, please bear in mind that while all functions of Nokia Messaging are offered free at the moment, in the future, the situation will change.

Check out how to manage IMAP folders in Nokia Messaging here.

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FleaC A Smarter API for Symbian OS


With ten years of experience in Symbian C++, the team at Fleasome believe they have a better way to create Symbian C++ applications with FleaC. FleaC offers a simplified API for many key Symbian C++ features and claims to improve developer productivity by up to fifty per cent.

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