How to fix LED flash photos

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If you have ever found your LED-illuminated camera phone photos to have a strange colour tint, David Gilson has a video tutorial to show you how to get your friends and family looking more like themselves.

Camera phones are now ubiquitous, and for those that have a built-in flash, the chances are it is an LED flash. This type of flash is not ideal for still photography, and under certain circumstances, it can leave an unnatural blue tint to your subject. If you've experienced this, you may be pleased to know there is a simple way to correct your photos on your computer.

What I'm about to show you can be done in just about any desktop photo editing application. My chosen application is The GIMP, it is a powerful photo editing application and is available to all for free from The video below shows you how to perform colour correction on affected subjects, and how to reduce the level of sensor noise, which is also symptomatic of digital photography in poor lighting conditions.


David.R.Gilson, 5th January 2010

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