How to: Build Your Own Travelling Swiss Army Knife

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One of the delights of the web is just how much useful stuff there is out there for travellers. From running round on a trip and trying to remember which hotel you are booked into, how to get there and working out if you have enough credit left in the local currency, is exactly what a smartphone is good for. While there are a number of “Travellers Toolkit” applications out there, with a mix of free and premium functions, most of these services can be found for free online or replicated with the built in S60 applications.

"One of the linchpins of the travelling tool-kit is how much your money is worth in the local currency, and the endless fascination that some applications (such as Worldmate Professional) have with pulling up real time data from the internet to help the travelling smartphone user. I have two problems with this. The first one is that if I am in a foreign country, there are very few reasons that I would initiate a roaming data session – the cost would just be crazy. The frequent traveller may well have a local sim card, or a global card such as MaxRoam, but data is still pricey. And you can't always hope find an open Wi-Fi connection."

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