Incoming: Meteor for all Symbian OS platforms

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I reviewed Meteor almost three years ago but Krisse, in the run up to the next-gen N-Gage launch in 2007 2009 2008, has been revisiting many Symbian OS classics and here reviews Meteor again in QVGA form on a modern S60 3rd Edition device. Has the game changed in the intervening years - does Meteor still hold up? It's available for all versions of S60 and UIQ, plus Series 80, by the way.

"The Breakout/Arkanoid genre has been around for almost as long as computer and video games themselves, and it's a one-player variation on good old Pong. Part of the reason is that it's so darn easy to program such a game, but perhaps another reason is that it's somewhat timeless, still surprisingly addictive after 25 years of existence." 

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