Pixelpipe updates Gmail App Browser

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Just as Pixelpipe's FB Browser landed in the Ovi Store, they have also updated their Gmail Apps Browser which we reviewed in March. With this update, we see two major additions to the line up of Google services on offer; Pixelpipe have added both Google Reader and Google Maps. This means that Google fans can now access six ofcloud services in glorious HTML5 (rendered in QtWebKit) via one application. We also see an update to their dual progress and control bar, which now auto-hides when not needed, giving more space over to the Web apps. Read on for screenshots and more details.

The initial version of Gmail Apps Browser, which we reviewed here at AAS, featured four Google's services: Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Buzz. However, the beta version had included Google Reader, so this is a welcome return to an essential tool for many bloggers and journalists, after Google Tasks had taken its place.

Before update

After update

Google Reader making a welcome return to Gmail Apps Browser

Google Maps is a completely new component to Gmail Apps Browser, and potentially very useful. It is able to assertain your location, and provide all the same services as the Google Maps website. Those include custom layers, directions, and traffic overlays. I did find in my (albeit brief) testing that Maps could slow the application, and at one point led to a crash.

The Google Maps HTML5 application

Gmail Apps Browser is now an even handier tool for those wanting to set up their phone quickly, or completley bypass all of the Symbian core applications. It's also one way to stay emersed in the Google ecosystem, without migrating to Android.

You can download Gmail Apps Browser for free from the Ovi Store.


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 13th May 2011