Did you know you were using so many Qt apps?

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Qt is the open source application framework that Nokia has been promoting for over a year. While more and more Symbian applications are being built in Qt (pronounced "cute"), you may or may not realise quite how many you're actually using. Indeed, some are more apparent than others. However, thanks to a list compiled by Rita El Khoury over at Fonearena, you can find out how many high-profile applications are actually made in the Qt framework. Read on for more details.

It is becoming increasingly hard to spot which applications are written in native C++ code and which are written in Qt. For instance, while support for kinetic scrolling won't appear in Qt until version 4.8 (the current version is 4.7.3), there are professionally developed Qt apps available now which have their own kinetic scrolling system.

It's worth taking a read of Rita's list, as there's a wide range of useful and novel apps, spanning social media, location, utilities, photography, and multimedia. There will likely be a few you haven't heard of, and a few you were using already that and didn't realise they were Qt applications. As shown below in her multimedia list, one of my favourite applications, MoodAgent, is listed. However, I'd like to also add to Rita's list the very useful music identification app, Shazam.


  1. PanoWallpaper (free, download) : this application lets you split your widescreen photos into 2 or 3 separate images that you can later set as panoramic wallpapers for you different homescreens.
  2. Moodagent (free, download) : create music playlists based on your mood. Angry? Sad? Happy? Set your mood sliders and Moodagent will pick your music and share it on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Geeky Avatar (0.80$, download) : create avatars with many skin tones, hair and accessories, and assign them as contact pictures in your phonebook.
  4. Voice Recorder Qt (free, download) : a simple voice recorder that lets you save multiple recordings and listen to them when you want.

If you have any other additions to the list, be sure to head over to Fonearea and leave a comment.


David Gilson for All About Symbian, 11th April 2011.