Top 15 Reasons To Come To The AAS Pub Meet...

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Self explanatory, really... how could you not come?

Top 15 Reasons To Come To The AAS Pub Meet...

We know you have a choice of Pub Meets and events this year so in a brazen attempt to get everyone attending the All About Symbian pub meet we present the top reasons (allegedly) to come along. 

15. If you're are staying in a Hotel near Excel (venue for the Smartphone Show) you are just a short DLR ride away.

Mystery Star Prize Number One14. If you miss this one, there's not another for another 365 days. 

13. Better Beer. More choice too.

12. The original and the best Symbian tech pub meet.

11. Take part in mouth-burning UIQ mint-eating competitions. Can you beat last years 2-box in one go record?

10. Hear Rafe's State of the Union speech and try not to remind him of the occasional (errmmmm) downtime the site's had over the last year...

9. Test your knowledge of the Symbian world and solicit help from others with our table-top quiz (a prize will be awarded).

8. Fabulous prize give aways, including brand new smartphones: the Nokia N93 and E61. [FX: cue Matrix 'Whoah!']

7. People from all parts of the ecosystem in one room. 

Remember Side Talking6. Ewan in a kilt (of course, this could always be a reason not to come, depending on your inclinations).

5. Meet Steve 'old man of the Symbian world' Litchfield [Watch it! Ed.] and find out which mobile device he's sporting this year...

4. Watch the fights between John Holloway and the strokey beards. Other people are welcome to fight too, but we all need to be friends by the end of the evening.

3. Star studded guest list... (well maybe - Tom Cruise and Michelle Pfeiffer are rumoured to be appearing)*

2. Everyone who's anyone in one room (we hope).

And of course, the number one reason to attend the All About Symbian Pub Meet?

1. The mystery star prize...!!

* you don't want to believe rumours....