All About Symbian Pub Meet, 16 October 2006

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It's that time of year again when everyone in the Symbian world comes to London for the All About Symbian Pub meet, the date of which Symbian hijack so they can do an Expo the next day... I don't know, the lengths some people will go to. Read on...

All About Symbian Pub Meet
Monday 16th October 2006, The Crosse Keys Pub, London (City)

Every year on the night before the Symbian Expo (or the Exposium, or the Smartphone Show, depending on what the marketing company calls it), All About Symbian organise an open meeting for Symbian users, developers, manufacturers and interesting people to come along for an informal get-together. This year is no different, and we hope that everyone who comes along will find a warm welcome, friendly conversation, and have a good night out.

Just as last year, we'll be in the Crosse Keys (a JD Wetherspoons pub). Our meetings always see the room bursting at the seams with excitement, so you'd be a fool to miss this one. With almost everyone involved with Symbian OS in town that night, we expect some early technology being discreetly demonstrated under tables, software previews, and perhaps a few surprises as well

The AAS Team will be there from 6.30pm, and there wil lbe plenty of time here for developers to show off their latest software before it gets really busy for the main program of events, which will start at 8pm.

Where To Find Us

Out thanks this year to the Crosse Keys Pub for hosting the event. We'll be in the function suite up the stairs at the rear of the pub.

The Crosse Keys Pub
9 Gracechurch Street

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The Crosse Keys is within walking distance of Liverpool Street and London Bridge Mainline stations, and numerous Underground stations on the Jubilee, Circle, Central and District lines.

Whats Going To Happen

The main program of events, as listed here, will commence at round about 8pm, to give everyone time to get in from work, changed, and head to the bar, or land from their aircraft flight and find the hotel, or to finish any meetings they have and head on over. We'll be at the pub until 11pm or so...

  • Rafe's "State of the Union"
    What's been happening with AAS, and what's planned for the future.
  • Guest Speakers and Lightning Talks
  • The Raffle
    With lots of great prizes and free hardware and software to be won.
  • The Mystery Star Prize Bag
    Traditonal fun in the raffle, the first prize is always memorable. Could this be the year you win?


Thanks to all the sponsors make the pub meet possible.

  • UIQ Technology
  • Orange
  • Nokia
  • Symbian
  • BitRabbit
  • Zingmagic

The Raffle Prizes

You Can Win This!!!As always, we'll be having a free prize raffle, and our Mystery Star Prize Bag will be on offer to the first name out of the hat - if for some mad crazy reason they turn it down, then it'll continue to be offered until someone takes the greatest prize imaginable.

Nokia Symbian Press Proporta To Be Confirmed

BitRabbit To Be Confirmed To Be Confirmed

For those of you who fail to win the star prize, we have a number of other pretty good prizes. First in those is the latest multimedia phone from Finland, the Nokia N93. One lucky Pub Meet attendee will walk out of the pub as the soon-to-be owner of an N93 - or at least the second it comes off the freighter from Espoo, we'll ship it out to you. After all, you wouldn't want anyone to mug you as you left the bar, would you?

Along similar lines, we're also giving away a brand new Nokia E61! Wow.

It goes without saying that while everyone can enter the raffle, there are going to be a few people who we've decided won't be allowed to win the prizes. For a start Rafe, Ewan and the rest of the senior AAS team don't get to win. Neither do employees of Symbian or Nokia or any of the super big companies that have them already. And on this one, we're not open to bribery. Sorry.