How to: Use a microSIM safely in the Nokia N8

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One curious quirk of the modern phone world is the way the humble SIM card has slimmed down - annoyingly, it's not quite so easy to swap SIM cards between phones as it used to be, with half the phones using 'mini SIM' (the old standard) and most of the rest using 'micro SIM' (and yes, a few iPhones being different and using 'nano SIM'!) Now, when dealing with SIM holders which are low-tech and/or 'open', sticking a micro SIM into a recommended adapter is usually problem-free, but devices with sprung SIM slots like the N8 and C7 are a different matter. You may remember David's disaster story here? Happily, there's a very low-tech workaround, as detailed below by guest writer Paul Sargeant...

Paul writes:

Owning a Lumia 710 and Nokia N8, I can never make up my mind which device to take out. Mainly the latter as I don't want to be without the camera on the N8. After you published my Symbian to Windows Phone taste test article, someone, in a comment, gave me a tip about using the Lumia 710-cut-down micro SIM in the N8. Here's my success story using this technique.

  1. Put in a normal SIM into the N8 and mark the SIM holder either side of the gold plate. This is to line up the micro SIM later.
  2. Using some sellotape, attach a piece onto the back of the micro SIM and fold over the end, making a tab to grab hold of.
  3. The micro SIM can then be pushed into the SIM holder in the N8, lining it up with the small marks made earlier.
    micro SIM adaptation for the N8
  4. Close the plastic cap - this clamps the sellotape tab, preventing the micro SIM from moving.
    micro SIM adaptation for the N8 
    micro SIM adaptation for the N8 

Removing the micro SIM is easy but may require the use of tweezers to grab the tab. The photo below shows the SIM back in the Lumia 710 with the tab showing. I am not sure if the tab would get in the way in the Lumia 800’s SIM tray or in other micro SIM devices - comments welcome if you've tried this!

micro SIM adaptation for the N8

PS. One tip is not to use 3M 'invisible' tape, as it is brittle and, after a few goes, breaks off! 

Paul Sargeant