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Does the P1i measure up? Vs E61i and N95

Steve Litchfield pits the spanking new Sony Ericsson P1i against its main competitors from the Symbian world, the messaging-focussed Nokia E61i and the media-focussed Nokia N95. How does Sony Ericsson's latest measure up?

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Ten Phone Problems that No One Ever Talks About

Mobile phones are becoming a part of almost everyone's lives now, and there's consequently a lot of discussion about their pros and cons. Here's ten topics, some Symbian-related and others more general, that are hardly ever brought up in such conversations...

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P990 firmware R6D23, is that the best you can do, Sony Ericsson?

June 15th 2007 - many P990 users all around the globe are smiling happily because there's a new firmware R6D23 in SEUS (Sony Ericsson Upgrade Service). The previous firmware, R5A17, brought some improvements and signalled a better and improved system for P-series loyalists. Without hesitation, I hit the SEUS Update button and waited... After around 25 minutes, my P990 was reloaded with the new firmware. What's the result?

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