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TV Out on the Nokia N95 - Part 1: Will the smartphone eat the PC? (+ How to connect N95 TV Out to TV)

The Nokia N95 (just like the N93/N93i) has a TV Out ability which lets you plug the device into any television set. If you add a full-size Bluetooth keyboard, you get something resembling a desktop computer, both in appearance and function. In the first of a series of articles, AllAboutSymbian looks at whether the N95, or indeed any smartphone, can replace the PC.

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Does the P1i measure up? Vs E61i and N95

Steve Litchfield pits the spanking new Sony Ericsson P1i against its main competitors from the Symbian world, the messaging-focussed Nokia E61i and the media-focussed Nokia N95. How does Sony Ericsson's latest measure up?

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