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Review: SMS Diary

Asri takes a look at Ola Melen's SMS Diary application for UIQ 3 (although it's also available for UIQ 2 and all versions of S60).

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Review: X-plore

Over to Asri al-Baker: UIQ 3 has been available to the public for almost a year now and, albeit slowly, its third party applications have been steadily growing. One area where S60 users are more lucky is file manager apps. They have YBrowser, FExplorer, SysExplorer, ActiveFile, etc. UIQ 3 users have been bound to the built in file manager with limited function or to using SwissManager. Until now. X-plore from Lonely Cat Games (LCG) offers more than just a normal file manager. It has a lot of extra stuff underneath the hood. Let's have a look.

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Review: LCG Jukebox

They came up with a great Email replacement app, can Lonely Cat do the same for the music lover? Ewan Spence finds out...

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Review: Sensible Sudoku 2

Smart, looks gorgeous, very easy to handle and makes every moment together a real pleasure – you might think it's the description of the perfect girlfriend but Attila is actually talking about Ludimate's new version of their number arranging masterpiece - Sensible Sudoku.

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