Camera group test: Nokia N86 8MP, N97, N82 and Samsung i8510

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In this photo-centric review Rafe performs a group test of some of the heavyweight S60-powered cameraphones. It's the Nokia N86 8MP versus the Nokia N97, Nokia N82 and Samsung i8510 (Innov8). That's some test and Rafe tries each out in a range of conditions and settings. Summary: The N97 disappoints, but the new kid on the block, the camera-specialist N86 8MP delivers in spades.

"These photos, which were shot at dusk, present a much bigger challenge as light levels are much lower. I turned off the flashes on all four devices. The N86, with its variable aperture and larger sensor, clearly stands out from the rest of the group.  The i8510 didn't manage to focus, although with the flash enabled it did a much better job. The N82 is second best, with a significant advantage over the N97. The information to take away here is that the N86 performs very impressively in mid to low light conditions."

N86 8MP, N97, N82, I8510 camera comparison


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