Nokia's Ovi Store live in Australia (soft launch)

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Nokia's Ovi Store has soft launched in Australia; the information we recieved indicates that Ovi Store is now accessible on a Nokia E75 on the Australian operator Vodafone (see updates, in full story, for other markets). Ovi Store is Nokia's content store and download application for applications, games, wallpapers, themes, ringtones and video clips.

We're expecting the roll out of Ovi Store, in other countries, to continue over the next few hours and days. It is likely that a formal launch announcement will be made this week. We'll be updating this story, and will have full coverage of the Ovi Store once it launches in the UK. For now read on for more details and the first live pictures showing Ovi Store in the wild!

Currently the Ovi Store should be considered to be in soft launch. Nokia are likely doing performance test and checks before the formal roll out.

Ovi Store Icon    Ovi Store Picture

Ovi Store application installed, start page of the Ovi Store.

Ovi Store    Ovi Store Live

The Nokia E75 uses the WRT based client. Earlier phones (S60 3.1) will use a XHTML mobile site version (i.e. one that runs in the browser).

In the images above you can see the basic application listing, including the featured listing (also known as spotlight), which is a premium placement.

Ovi Store

You can filter the application views by popularity, time, and pricing.

We'll keep you up to date as we hear about the further roll out of the Ovi Store. And, of course, please do let us know in the comment stream or by email if Ovi Store has launched in your country and what you think of the service.

Update: Here's what the Ovi Store looks like on the Nokia N97.

Ovi Store N97   Ovi Store   Ovi Store 3

Ovi Store as it appears on the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800.


  • Ovi Store is also available on the Nokia N97s in Forum Nokia RDA program (thanks to S).
  • Ovi Store working on multiple devices / operator variants in Australia.
  • Ovi Store is available in Ireland.
  • Ovi Store is available in Singapore (thanks zerohour69).
  • Nokia Conversations, Nokia's official blog, confirms Ovi Store is rolling out as it moves to 'production servers'. They say: 'Keep in mind that the Ovi Store is only available through a select number of devices in select countries at the moment. You can expect a broader announcement and consumer availability soon'.
  • Ovi Store is now available in Spain (@bheetebrij
  • Ovi Store is now available in Finland
  • Ovi Store is now available in the UK. Steve has shared his first impressions here.
  • You can access the store through and
  • Nokia's formal press release for Ovi Store has been released. It says Ovi Store is now available globally:

    "In available countries, customers can update their devices with the Ovi Store mobile application by selecting the Ovi Store icon in the Download! folder on their device. The mobile client is available in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish and supports operator billing in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. Globally, credit card billing is available through the mobile application and the mobile website. Additional countries, languages, devices and features will be added throughout the year." 

How to download and install Ovi Store (provisional)

Currently, to download and install the Ovi Store, you need to:

  • Open Download and choose Options > Refresh content
  • Open the Nokia Extra's Category, here you should find an entry for Ovi Store
  • Download and install Ovi Store
  • Access Ovi Store as you would any other application (it'll be in your Installations / My Extras or similar folder).

Thanks to A for the tip off and photos.