Pandemonium hits N-Gage - but is it any good?

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Not a flagship game for N-Gage by any means, Pandemonium brings 2D gameplay to a 3D world and ends up delighting Ewan, who recalls earlier versions of the game on N-Gage Classic and platforms from the 1990s. It hasn't changed much over the years, but at least here it's crisply presented, with cutscenes and extras that had to be omitted from the N-Gage Classic implementation five years ago.

Pandemonium Pandemonium  

"Compared to some of the more ambitious third person viewpoint shooters (such as Resident Evil Degeneration), Pandemonium has a restricted control set, and is all the better for it. While still not up to the physical delight of the D-pad on the first generation N-Gage's, Pandemonium's controls are a delight to use on the latest converged Nseries devices."

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