Reliving my youth with MicroPinball Casino

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Time for me to turn the clock back to 1981 and get down and sweaty with a pinball table. Except that this time it's virtual and on my S60 smartphone. MicroPinball Casino is smooth and authentic, especially on fast devices like the Nokia N95, with both vertical and side-scrolling that's intuitively handled. With challenging gameplay, MicroPinball is ultimately limited only by the fact that it's a single table.

Vintage Pinball

"Heady days. 1981 and I used to battle my nemesis, a wind-surfer whose name escapes me, on the university pinball table. Now there are pinball tables and there are pinball tables, but this one was set up perfectly - that unique mix of speed, skill and gameplay that means that an average player will get a 2 minute game and 10,000 points but a really skillful player will get a 20 minute game and 200,000 points. Boasting aside, I (and my opponent) had the measure of the table, in that our caresses on the flipper buttons and gentle (but not so violent as to cause a 'Tilt') coaxing of the metal and glass would take us into stratospheric 'crowd-gathering' territory."

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