N95 classic firmware v30 now available

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An updated firmware, v30.0.015, has been made available for the Nokia N95 classic. Updates include the latest versions of Nokia service applications (Nokia Maps 2.0, Share online 3.0), inclusion of the full N-Gage client and smaller updates to a number of applications. The updates also adds automatic screen rotation to the N95 classic. Read on for more details and screenshots.

NOTE: Please be aware we have updated this from this morning's news story.

The update is available for users to download and install themsleves via the Nokia Software Updater (part of PC Suite).

Nokia Software Updater

There are a number of changes under the hood according to the changelogs. The most important is, probably, the upgrades to the Music DRM capabilities of the handset, but there are also the usual bug fixes and optimisations.

The new firmware provides the latest versions of Ovi service applications. While these were available to download separately, it is nice to see them integrated into the firmware (good for new devices, but also saves valuable memory space).

N95 v30 

Share online (version 3.0) is now available and includes Idle screen integration.

N-Gage  N-gage

The full N-Gage client is also installed by default.

Nokia  Maps  Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps is updated to version 2.0. This version supports pedestrian navigation in addition to car navigation.
There are also numerous tweaks to the user interface and improvements in routing.

Google  Download

Google is now an option in the Nokia Search application. The Download! application has also been updated.


Automatic screen rotation is now supported by the N95 classic.

The last major firmware update for the N95 classic was v20. v21 added Web runtime and Flash Lite 3.

Here's the change log we reported on this morning (via via p@sco).

  • Nokia Maps 2.0 built-in
  • Full N-Gage client
  • Nokia Search 4.0 with Google plug-in
  • Share online 3.0
  • Enablers for Comes With Music
  • Download! application updated (v 3.1.50)
  • Upgrade to Music Player
  • Update for Flash Lite 3 (improved viewing of sites like YouTube)
  • Current consumption improvements (for e.g. WLAN scanning)
  • New baseline for VoIP (with significant error corrections)

Equivalent v30 firmware is expected for the N95 8GB in the next few days.