Samsung G810 Reviewed; Does S60 Need to be on a Nokia?

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Samsung's stream of S60 devices continues with the camera-centric G810, complete with optical zoom. Andew Galpin and Steve each take a week with the device in order to assess whether it can triumph over Nokia's N95 8GB and N82. And does it matter that it's 'not a Nokia?'

The G810 is a phone designed for people who lead a busy life and need a reliable device that will last, it has room for music (with a microSD card installed) and comes with some of the best headphones I’ve seen (or listened to). The 5MP camera is perfect for the occasional shot, but will disappoint real photo enthusiasts.

The G810, despite the presence of GPS and Wi-Fi, is really all about the camera – in the same way as the N95 and N82 – it really is the headline feature and so deserves to be tested to its limits.

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