Nokia and Zeemote bring dedicated wireless gaming controller to N-Gage and S60

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This is something All About N-Gage has been calling for for a while now, and finally it's happened: Nokia has teamed up with Zeemote to produce a wireless gaming controller compatible with all existing N-Gage and Symbian S60 games and applications. The controller's application can be installed on any S60 3rd Edition handset and lets you map the controller's buttons to any of the phone's buttons. While a separate controller for mobile phones sounds crazy, it actually makes perfect sense for handsets with TV Out, as it effectively turns them into home games consoles.

A few important points about this:

 - This is starting in Germany but will spread elsewhere. People in Germany will be able to buy the Zeemote bundled with certain N-Gage-compatible phones.

 - So far the talk has been of bundles, but we'll try to find out if/when the Zeemote will be available separately.

 - Although the Zeemote people have talked about "getting publishers on board", they don't technically need any support from publishers at all, the Zeemote will apparently work with all existing games. Given that situation, we're not sure what they mean by "support" to be honest. Again, we'll try and find out.

 - You'll be able to add key mapping profiles for different applications within the Zeemote's own app, so that you don't have to keep redefining the controller's buttons.