Yes, the Nokia N95 DOES have gaming keys

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If you run N-Gage games on a Nokia N95, its multimedia keys automatically turn into gaming keys equivalent to those on the N81 or N96. There still seem to be a lot of people unaware of this, or even claiming that we're mistaken, so we've done a very short video showing this feature in action. Click here to see it...

We can't guarantee this will work on all the regional variants of the N95, but it should at least work on the N95-1 / RM-159 (the original version) as that's what we're using in the video.

We've heard mixed reports about the N95 8GB though, some people say its multimedia keys work as N-Gage gaming keys, but others say they don't. Can anyone shed some light on this issue, preferably someone using an N95 8GB with the latest firmware?

Anyway, here's the video. There are no hacks at all, no special setups, no redefining of keys. It's just a standard N95 running a standard N-Gage game through the standard N-Gage application: