N-Gage games locked to single phone forever

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The N-Gage platform aims to usher in a new age of high quality connected phone gaming. However if you upgrade to a new phone, you cannot transfer any of your N-Gage games from the old phone. In a special feature article All About N-Gage looks at why this is such a damaging policy for N-Gage, what the unintended consequences are, and a number of potential solutions. Will Nokia change their minds on this issue? Update: Looks like Nokia has indeed now changed their minds, their official blog has announced a game transfer system is on the way! Read the Nokia blog's statement.

Well, it now seems that the new N-Gage platform has its own significant flaw: if you upgrade to a new phone, you will not be able to transfer your games to the new phone - your library is locked to the original handset forever.

This is in stark contrast to Nokia's Music Store service, which does let you move your music library to a new phone. Why does Nokia treat a 10 euro album differently to a 10 euro game?

Read on, on All About N-Gage, for the full article.