Secrets of the new Sports Tracker widget

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Nokia's Sports Tracker has proved to be one of the must-have GPS applications. It is now possible to share journeys recorded using Sports Tracker via the brand new Nokia Maps and Photography widget. Steve explains how the photo location actually works and runs through the steps needed to get your own Sports Tracker powered widget up and running, including how to embed it in almost any web page and with a tweaked example formatted for wider blogs and pages.

"Enter Nokia's clumsily named 'Maps and Photography' widget. As the title suggests, this takes the idea of showing others your tracks and photos and provides the functionality in a handy widget that anyone can embed in any web page, or a social media page or blog (only Facebook and Blogger are 'officially' supported now, but take that with a pinch of salt - the Blogger code is standard HTML and will work in just about anything). See the bottom of this page for a real world example!"

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In order to view the Nseries Widget you need JavaScript and Flash Player 9+ support