N-Gage beta test ending, Mile High Pinball free for all survey participants

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Nokia's Official N-Gage Blog has now confirmed that the "First Access" beta testing phase will end on the 27th of March. It's unclear exactly when the full version of N-Gage will launch, but it should be "in the next few weeks". Nokia's also started a survey about the beta test and will give away the next gen version of Mile High Pinball to all beta testers who respond. You can also now sign up for SMS notification of the launch. Click on the headline for some important details.

 - If you've bought any games on the beta test, you will of course get to keep them on the release version of N-Gage, but you may have to reinstall them.

 - All of the scores and other data will be reset, so none of your achievements in the beta test will exist after the full version launches.

 - N-Gage Arena accounts created during the beta test will also disappear, unless you used the same username and password as your N-Gage Arena forum account.

 - If you go to the N-Gage web site on your compatible Nseries device, you'll now be given a chance to sign up for SMS notification when the full service finally goes live.

UPDATE: This beta test survey is now open to non-N81 owners too.