How to: Get push GMail for free

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Do you use GMail or a service like it on the web? Does your email server have an IMAP option? If so, why not set up Messaging on your S60, UIQ or Series 80 smartphone for IMAP access and get pseudo-push email, simply and for free? I investigate what's involved. And how does GMail via IMAP/Messaging compare with GMail via the dedicated Java application?

"But for single user, home or semi-pro use, I really can't see much point in complicating your email handling by inserting a third party provider or service between you and your mailbox. Like many people, I standardised on a single GMail account last year and have been supremely happy. There's a GMail mobile client, but it's Java-based, which means slower startup, unnecessary RAM overheads (important on some devices), and a manual 'refreshing' of your inbox."

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