Top 10 - Classic Smartphones

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In times of inconsistent quality, it's good to reflect back on devices that have oozed quality, charisma or style, and sometimes even all three. In "Top 10 - Classic Smartphones", I count down the significant stars of the Symbian OS world from the last 7 years. Controversial? Biased? Probably. But I'll bet there are four or five of these on everybody's own personal top 10 from the same period! Comments and your own picks are more than welcome!

"10. Nokia 9500 (2004)

The 9210 (see below) had been established for a couple of years and the 9500 was the big facelift. Rolling in then-new technologies like Wi-Fi and GPRS made a big difference to connectivity, as did the smaller and more pocketable form factor. To this day there are a lot of hardened 9500 users who wouldn't swap their Symbian and Series 80-powered Communicator for the world."

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