For the USA? You'll want it with a bigger battery and more RAM then, sir!

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Guest writer Zach Goldberg has been living with the new Nokia N95-3, the USA-spec 3G model with bigger battery and more RAM. Here's his detailed report, listing all the bits he did (including the fact that the N93-3 stands up on its side!) and didn't like (including, interestingly, that boot up time is slower).

"I'm going to be comparing the Nokia N95-3 (a.k.a. the N95 "USA Version", a.k.a. the N95 US-3G, released in October 07) to the original "Classic" N95 (released in March 07). I will be focussing on the changes; if you are looking for an in depth review please check the links at the bottom of this article to AAS's series of N95 Classic reviews.

Where to begin?  Well, a short summary of changes might be most useful:

  • Bigger Battery (BL-6F), 1200mAh
  • Re-designed back, to fit bigger battery
  • Reshaped camera housing, it's now flush with the back (as on the N95 8GB), which has several consequences:
    • No more camera lens cover
    • the phone now sits flat on the ground!
  • Support for 850/1900Mhz 3G bands, which work with US AT&T 3G.
  • Massively improved RAM, there is 75-80MB free after boot up. 
  • The most important change of all: Video Center is now spelt correctly!  Silly Europeans and their "centre"

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