Reminder: AAS Pub Meet next Monday

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Next Monday, the day before the Symbian Smartphone Show, is the All About Symbian Pub Meet. It is a completely free and open event and everybody is very welcome to come along and join in. We'll be giving away a Sony Ericsson W950 and a Nokia E61i along with a raft of other prizes. There's also going to be two lightning talks, one from the people behind WOM World (about what they do) and one from Robert Harmsen (Trends in Mobility).

There'll be plenty of discussion around lots of different subjects and a chance to meet lots of like minded people. You can come and meet the AAS team (including Ewan in a kilt), but we're also expecting a variety of developers (one with an edible surprise allegedly), bloggers and attendees from the bigger companies at various points in the evening.

Please remember though that most people are attending as individuals (i.e. not representing companies) and really the pub meet is an excuse to have a good chat, share some time together and have something to drink.

We also know we're not the only event going on that night. Of course we can't really think of a reason why you would want to be anywhere else. That said bear in mind that you may be able to fit in more than one event as we'll be in the pub until closing time or there about...   

You can get all the details you need, such as how to find the pub, on the pub meet information page.

Note: We'll be in a room at the back of the pub (upstairs). It is also quite easy to walk straight pass the pub without realising it, but it is there - honest.