From built-in to 3rd party: Adobe Reader 2.5

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AdobeYou probably know that every S60 smartphone comes with Adobe Reader built-in. But this is v1.5 and there's a brand new v2.5, released by the guys behind Quickoffice. In my review of Adobe Reader 2.5 I look at the story behind the application, test it on my E90 and work out who should upgrade and who shouldn't.

"The exact heritage of Adobe Reader 2.5 is more complicated than it seems, so bear with me while I try and summarise. The version of Adobe's (Acrobat) PDF reader shipped with almost all S60 devices in recent years has been v1.5, produced entirely by Adobe themselves. It does the job but with little panache. Adobe then brought in Quickoffice, by now past masters of the art of coding and building for Symbian OS and a company that already had the market leading mobile office suite, to help develop a new version that promised compatibility with new Acrobat elements introduced in recent years. And, just to add spice to the pot, Nokia's S60 seems to have had a hand in bringing the two together and subsequently licensing the new version for (as yet unspecified) new devices."

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