N-Gage: Exclusivity isn't the way to go

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Where are all the phones? Asks a headline story on our sister site, AllAboutNgage. 'Tzer2' ponders in detail why Nokia has chosen to exclude many top spec S60 smartphones from the initial N-Gage platform compatibility list. Is it really down to just snobbery and internal politics at Nokia?

"Until the Go Play event on the 29th of August, Nokia had completely avoided ever actually saying exactly which phones would be compatible with the Next Gen N-Gage platform.

At the event, here's what they announced: the Nokia N73, N81, N81 8GB, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB.

Seven phones in all:

Next Gen Ngage compatible phones
These phones are all officially compatible with Next Gen N-Gage games

But here's the odd thing, there seems to be no technical reason for these seven to have been chosen while other compatible phones with similar specifications have been left out. The N73 is the oldest phone on the list, and has the weakest hardware. There are quite a few phones released after the N73 which (from a technical point of view) could also run Next Gen N-Gage games, yet are not officially compatible.

In fact there are nineteen Nokia phones which use the same Symbian S60 3rd Edition software platform, with the same screen resolution, and with the same or better hardware than the N73.

Why the heck is Nokia allowing only seven of the nineteen below to work with the games? "

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