Go:Play in video, plus GPS tips and the Top 5

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Smartphones Show 42 just went live, with video from the Go:Play event, featuring the Nokia N95 8GB, the N81, N-Gage gaming and the Nokia Music Store. Plus tips for GPS-equipped smartphones and my own rundown of the top 5 most desirable smartphones in the world. Read on for links and other information.

Thanks to Rafe and WOM World for providing some of the Go:Play video used. The rest of the show was filmed/photographed on the Nokia N93.

Here's the main Smartphones Show 42 page, where you can watch in your Quicktime-enabled browser or grab the MP4 directly for playback on your portable devices.

Here's the slightly downgraded YouTube version, for watching in your browser if you don't have Quicktime.

And here's the RSS feed, if you want to make sure you don't miss the next show!

Steve Litchfield, 7 Sept 2007