No Outlook needed! Syncing to Mobical

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Steve Litchfield has been getting twitchy feet over his reliance on Outlook as the PIM partner to his smartphones and he's overjoyed to find a Web-based PIM that's totally cross platform, that supports just about every smartphone ever made and which is completely free! In this walkthrough, he explains how to set Mobical up and start syncing.

"There's one big thing that's always got me down about keeping Symbian OS smartphones synced with my PC and that's the reliance on Microsoft Outlook, which is both the default and often ONLY PC client software that's fully supported. Syncing is important for two reasons, of course. It maintains a full backup of your important PIM data on a physically separate computer and it lets you access the data (or enter new entries) on perhaps a larger screen and keyboard.

Now, I've got nothing against Outlook, but the way it's part of an enforced activation process against a specific PC's hardware makes me nervous. Wouldn't it be great to have a way to seamlessly sync with something totally neutral and platform-agnostic? No reliance on Microsoft and their activation schemes or fees. Just fool-proof syncing to a home on the web."

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