Who needs Web 2.0 apps? Curated mobile directory gets an update

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You'll remember my popular feature "There's a Bookmark for that"? The mobile-friendly sites in that feature were all taken from my much larger home-compiled (and slightly UK-biased) directory. Which I just updated, removing sites which no longer worked and adding over a dozen others. The idea is that you bookmark this one page on your small-screened smartphone and then you've got all the mobile versions on tap, without having to remember the 'mobile' syntax for each.

From the stevelitchfield.com mobile web site guide:

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The Friendly Web

I present my (somewhat UK-centric) guide to mobile-friendly web resources and applications. In each case, the content is guaranteed ultra low-bandwidth, so you can access it directly on your PDA or smartphone over an expensive GPRS, EDGE or 3G account. The idea is that you bookmark this one page and then all the links and content are just one click away.

This flies horribly in the face of conventional 2011 'wisdom' about needing 'apps' to do everything, but I still have a soft spot for 'mobile-friendly' sites. Kudos to the companies concerned for keeping them going - it certainly makes my mobile world tick more smoothly, knowing I don't have to wait a minute for bloated desktop-aimed pages to load - many of the sites here load in under three seconds.