The (almost) complete N-Gage game collection

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This will either be a complete blast from the past or a glimpse into a world you never knew existed, but.... Nokia had a complete multimedia-accelerated game scene going on back in the early 2000s under the name N-Gage (no, not the software re-invention, we're talking plug-in MMC games on dedicated S60 hardware) and Martin from Retro Game Tech has been putting up occasional videos showing this growing collection of N-Gage's illustrious past. The latest is shown below. Thanks to Jay for the heads-up.

In the clip, 49 of the 56 possible N-Gage 'hardware' launches are shown (Martin appeals for anyone who can help complete the set.... Ewan?), plus you get a peek at one of the original N-Gage titles being played on the N-Gage 'classic' - a terrific little phone that I used and loved for a while (it had everything - for its time, including radio and line-in audio recording!).

Here's the video, you've got to admire a collector this dedicated(!):

If you can help Martin, drop him a line here.