Nimbuzz goes ad free

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Nimbuzz has announced that it is exclusively releasing an ad-free version of its instant messaging client on the Ovi Store. In addition to waiving advertisements in exchange for a one-off fee of £3.00, premium users also get several new aesthetic settings not available in the ad-supported version. These options are viewing instant message conversations in a chat bubble style, custom colours or images for chat screen backgrounds, and custom font colours for the chat screen. Read on for more.

Both free and paid for versions of Nimbuzz in the Ovi Store

Nimbuzz also had this to say about which phones and territories this ad-free version would be available for: 

“Nimbuzz 3.0.2 Ad-Free is available for all Nokia Symbian S60 devices supported on the OviStore, including popular devices like: E63, E71, 5800 XpressMusic, N97mini, and the new Symbian^3 devices N8, C7, and C6 and many many others.

Consumers in the following countries can download free Ovi Store content but cannot purchase Ovi Store content: Brazil, Indonesia, Liberia, Libya, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, and Ukraine. Nokia is evaluating these countries for paid content.”

The new chat bubble style in Nimbuzz ad-free

We’re seeing lots of interesting developments from Nimbuzz, who are fighting back after the loss of support from Skype, which was competing with Nimbuzz’s own VoIP calling service.

We recently saw Nimbuzz optimise its Symbian client, utilizing compression to allow faster sign in and exchange of instant messages, on average using a claimed 70% less data.


More of the cosmetic options in Nimbuzz ad-free

This was followed more recently by the announcement of Nimbuzz Ping, a service that gives free SMS notifications whenever someone tries to connect with you via your instant messaging account or calling you via Nimbuzz.
“Nimbuzz Ping works on all Java and Symbian mobile phones. Simply activate Nimbuzz Ping in your Nimbuzz Settings by verifying your phone number.

You will receive free text message (SMS) notifications whenever someone is trying to connect with you. It is up to you whether you want to start Nimbuzz to call or chat for free.

From now on you will no longer miss Amy’s friend request, Ben’s chat message, or Claire’s photos.”

David Gilson for All About Symbian, 15th February 2011.