Nimbuzz now uses 70% less data with Symbian

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Nimbuzz have updated their Symbian client to version 3.0.1. This version uses zlib compression, allowing Nimbuzz to use on average 50% less data, and as the headline suggests, a 70% maximum saving has been recorded. Another benefit of end to end compression is that login times are noticeably faster. Also included with the new Nimbuzz update are several new features. Users can enhance their privacy by using the new invisible status mode, and by limiting instant messages to only be received from existing instant message contacts. 

Having tested this new version of Nimbuzz, we can verify that login times are indeed much faster. Nimbuzz have also continued to upgrade the UI by adding new status icons.


Nimbuzz is available for all versions of Symbian. Unfortunately, the "Check for updates" link in Nimbuzz 3.0.0 didn't show the the 3.0.1 update when we tested today. Therefore, the best way to make sure you have the latest version is to download from Nimbuzz's website, on either your mobile or desktop browser.