Mobile Documents now optimised for Symbian^3

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Visiarc has announced its cooperation with Nokia Beta Labs to provide a way to make Mobile Documents, integrating an email client with a document handler, more visible to the target market and to receive more feedback to improve it. Also worthy of note is the release of a new Mobile Documents beta for Symbian^3 (version 0.9.19) which comes with two new enhancements.

Mobile Documents Email main view

Mobile Documents, by Visiarc, is an alternative email system for Symbian which supports multiple email accounts and pseudo-push. Most importantly however, it provides a unique and advanced attachment handling system.

Two new features to make note of:

1. Pinch to Zoom. Mobile Documents allows you to zoom in and pan on any image, PDF or Office Document. With the fast multi-touch optimized viewer for Symbian^3, it’s taken to a new level. No image is too large, no document is too heavy to be streamed and viewed.

2. Notification. Mobile Documents now integrates with the native notification framework of Symbian^3 phones. This means that the user may decide how and when to be notified. There are also homescreen widgets for multiple email accounts, as well as visual and audio notifications, just like the built-in Nokia Messaging Email.

Mobile Documents Homescreen widget 2

Below is a video of Peter Lindgren, Visiarc's CEO, presenting the new Mobile Documents optimised for Symbian^3. Note the speed and rendering, which makes large documents very easy to read on Nokia N8's small screen.

You can read what our friend Richard Bloor thinks about Mobile Documents in his AAS review. I have been using it for a few months and I really like it for its advanced attachment handling feature. Personally, I am tired of the built-in Nokia Messaging Email which does not work properly with the Nokia N8 and its poor support for attachments (readers' experiences may vary! - Ed). For those who deal with a lot of attachments in their professional and personal lives, Mobile Documents provides an alternative.

Mobile Documents Thumbnail View

Mobile Documents Toolbar View

Mobile Documents Fullpage View with rendering

However, bear in mind that this is "beta" software, and therefore isn't feature complete yet. Please provide feedback and input to the developers via their blog or through Nokia Beta Labs.

Read the release announcement at the official Mobile Documents blog.