Nokia N8 shoots commercial photography magazine cover and pro BMX video

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Sorry, I couldn't resist another link of interest to a couple of stunning Nokia N8 camera projects: in this case PiX, the (South) African Photo Journal documenting in detail how they got on using the N8 to shoot the cover of their publication, replacing a dedicated DSLR. The video report is embedded below, and you can see their cover here on the PiX web site. And LMVisual, which used the N8 exclusively to produce a very professional video showing the art of BMX stunts, also embedded below.

And another one important formulated N8-art work is the cover page of South African PiX magazine for the month of December. The N8 boldly captured the model as the subject making a top-notch photo quality.

(via Symbian World)

And here's the LMVisual video shoot on the N8, featuring some stunning use of lighting and a steadicam mount for the phone:

Find out more here at N8 Edit.

Finally, a reminder of my own verdict on the Nokia N8's camera and camcorder capabilities.

Steve Litchfield