BoxIt2 Review

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As part on our on-going series of games reviews Ewan takes a look at BoxIt2 from inner Acctive. It's a Sokobahn style game, where the aim is solve the box pushing puzzle, over multiple levels. From the game play to the graphics, Ewan finds a well executed implementation of this classic puzzle game, which earns BoxIt2 a thumbs up and a recommended rating.

BoxIt2 Review:

Sometimes I love finding a new concept in puzzle games, sometimes the best titles are the ones that just about manage to find a new idea but come up slightly short; and sometimes all I want is a well implemented version of a classic genre.

BoxIt2 is the latter, and being honest, it’s been a while since I’ve had a Sokobahn game to review. The mix of fresh style and an old friend, with all the elements working, means I’m enjoying BoxIt2.

Available for S60 5th Edition devices from the Ovi Store, BoxIt2 is a straightforward implementation of Sokobahn. The box pushing game gives you a 'not-that-complicated' maze, with various heavy objects that you push towards some highlighted target squares. In BoxIt2, these are Inca statues, which need to be placed in specific spots to pass the level.


Box It 2

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