Streamlining the upgrade to custom firmwares on the Samsung i8910 HD

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Stuart Clark and Steve Litchfield detail a couple of possible workflows for minimising the downtime when upgrading HX firmwares on the Samsung i8910 HD - nearly everything gets wiped, so it's best to be well prepared. We show you how we do it... Our record is 38 minutes, from spotting an update to finishing re-installing the last core application. No pain, no gain, I know, but at least this way you can be methodical about it!

"You'll have been following the sequence of HX firmwares for the Samsung i8910 HD, hopefully. Samsung abandoned firmware updates for this high-spec Symbian handset last year after an abysmal formal attempt at fixing the various software issues. Andy (HyperX) and others have been keeping the device alive with a series of replacement firmwares, made possible because of the i8910 HD's open bootloader, incorporating more free disk space, more free RAM, extra applications, bug fixes, and even compatibility with some Nokia S60 5th Edition apps. All good stuff."

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