The Calling All Innovators 'Top 10 App Wizard widgets'

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The 'Best RSS Apps' section of Nokia's 2010 Calling All Innovator competition has been judged and a top 10 Ovi App Wizard apps (actually Web runtime widgets) listed, based on 'Innovativeness', 'Cumulative number of downloads on July 15th 2010' and 'Quality of marketing materials'. They're all covered below, with brief comments and screenshots, in case you should want to look any of them out(!).

Here's the Ovi App Wizard, should you want to have a crack at creating your own. And don't forget the official All About Symbian entry, detailed here, though it didn't make the top 10, sadly!


In no particular order, the top 10 finalists for the Ovi App Wizard competition were:

  1. Alessandro Pace: FlashLite4Nokia (Firmware and release news for Nokia phones)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  2. Dale Rankine: Toy Tragic (a nice homely blog about toys and collectables)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  3. Hany Gohary: GoNintendo (as the name suggests, Nintendo game news)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot  

  4. Chintan Umraliya: (phone - mainly Nokia - news blog)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  5. Steve Litchfield: The Phones Show (hey, it's me! Uniquely, not one, but four separate feeds in the one runtime widget, with fortnightly video shows and weekly audio podcasts)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  6. Oscar Iñiguez de la Torre Bernabeu: PickUp Lines (a rather trivial feed rip?)
    App Wizard screenshot 

  7. Nur Nachman Eytan: Purple Cookie (a stylish and well put together recipe blog)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  8. Jussi Soro: DJ Jussi Soro Application
    (I couldn't find this in the store on my N97... very strange!)

  9. David Adhira: What Miami (as it suggests, things to do in Miami)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

  10. Jean-Francois Barsoum: Skeptical Science (regularly updated blog backing up global warming)
    App Wizard screenshot App Wizard screenshot 

Finally, there's a special cash prize for the widget with the most downloads by the end of August apparently - and this is enough to cause me to shed all propriety and nudge you towards launching the Ovi Store client and installing my 'The Phones Show' widget on one or all of your phones right now. Go on, you know you want to.... 8-)

Steve Litchfield, All About Symbian, 3rd August 2010