AAS Insight 129 - N8 pre-order, Vodafone Clicks, Questions

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In All About Symbian Insight 129, we start with a number of short items: Angry Birds as a favourite game, Qt on Samsung and Sony Ericsson, Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition. In the second half of the podcast we respond to number of listener questions, from a discussion of how quality impacts on user experience, to how Nokia should market the N8 and the possibility of an Android Nokia device. You can listen to AAS Insight 129 here or, if you wish to subscribe, here's the RSS feed.

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In this podcast we cover:    

  • Angry Birds wins 'best game' on Ovi Store. Why is Angry Birds not on older Symbian devices?
  • Nokia N8 pre-order
  • Discussion of Qt on Samsung (and Sony Ericsson)
  • Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition
  • Listener questions (all leading to some additional discussion):
    • @Ew4n: How would America react to Nokia announcing 2-top of the range Android handsets (answer: it wouldn't ever happen, but if it would... not much).
    • @PhotoProLive: Is FizWoz legitimate?
    • @BigBrova: What do you think of the quality of software for Nokia services (Ovi Store, Nokia Messaging etc.) ?
    • @JamesBurland: How should Nokia advertise the N8 in the mainstream media?
    • Debate on the impact quality has on 'user experience'. So... would you rather have a device as buggy as the N97 with the UI of the iPhone, or a device that looks like the N97 with almost perfect quality?
  • Nokia N8 developer day in London