Review: HandyPaint

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We've all seen the semi-viral videos, where someone (apparently) knocks up a faux-impressionist masterpiece using nothing more than a smartphone touchscreen. It may be that I simply don't have the talent, but I'm a little sceptical, given the sizes of phone screens. Mind you, with software like HandyPaint, reviewed here for S60 5th Edition and UIQ 3, at least the tools are there to get close to the picture in your imagination. HandyPaint is something of a labour of love and it shows - it's not perfect, but is powerful and still improving.

"There have been a number of basic applications to allow this on S60 5th Edition, notably Nokia's own Paint Pad and 'Drawing', built into the N97's firmware, but HandyPaint is the most advanced so far, by some margin. It's still miles behind a painting program from a desktop computer, but it's here and it works."

Screenshot, HandyPaint Screenshot, HandyPaint

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